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This Substack is written from Pepys House, the 17th century Cambridgeshire house in which Samuel Pepys, England’s most famous diarist, spent his teenage years. He later inherited the house, and even buried some gold here during the threat of a Dutch invasion…

Pepys kept a daily diary for 9 years in which he provided an honest account of his daily activities, reviewed art and culture, and reported on major events (like the Great Fire of London).

Pepys House is now rented out to storyteller and author Chip Colquhoun – me! – along with Emma (my wife) and Tito and Pippa (our kittens). This Substack is an attempt to live up to the reputation of the heritage of our home, whilst furthering my personal mission to empower others in their reading, writing, and love for life.

So who are you?

I began writing before I knew how to write. At the age of 6, I returned home after two years with a foster family, and discovered a short story I’d written before I entered the care system. Since I’d only been aged 4, if that, the ‘words’ were just scribbles – but they were punctuated scribbles, with full stops and paragraphs. My ambition was clearly fully formed even then.

Now I am one of the storytellers you can watch for free on the Oxford Owl and Epic Tales YouTube channels. I began storytelling professionally in 2007, and have since led storytelling performances and workshops in 10 countries, come to perform regularly at Glastonbury Festival, and represented the Roald Dahl Story Museum on ITV. In 2015 I was asked to write the EU’s guidance on using storytelling in the classroom.

But more recently, I’ve discovered a talent that I am hugely proud to possess – and one that is currently in huge demand: inspiring young people to read for pleasure. The UK Dept for Education’s National English Hub asked me to write a handbook to help educators spark this mindset among their learners, and the result is All the Better to Read You With – launching publicly on 24 January 2024.

I also co-produce the Fables & Fairy Tales series of children’s books with Winnie the Witch illustrator Korky Paul.

But, in classic haphazard creator-brained style, I often have multiple projects on the go. So here’s what I plan to share with this Substack…

What’s in here?

  1. The Pepys House Diary
    Weekly updates on my activities, and the news around me.

  2. Sam’s Substack
    Samuel Pepys wrote his diary in private – but what would he have written in a public Substack in this era of free speech versus GDPR? Take yourself back exactly 364 years ago to find out...

  3. All the Better to…
    Tips for using storytelling in the world of education.

  4. (Coming Soon) Books
    The works I’ve already released into the world: what they’re about, where the ideas came from, and where to find them.

  5. (Coming Soon) The Project Diary
    Developmental notes and milestones related to whatever I’m working on now, be they books, storytelling, music, etc.

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Cheerio! And I hope to hear your story soon…”

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A pro storyteller, I perform regularly at Glastonbury, wrote English Hub's handbook on inspiring reading for pleasure, and produce a book series with Winnie illustrator Korky Paul. I live in the former residence of Pepys, England’s famous diarist.